Cold asphalt

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Cold asphalt mix suitable for repairing potholes in all types of road pavement.

It consists of a mix of hard granite aggregates, emulsion and our specific additives.

It can be applied throughout most of the year, performing well in low temperatures, strong heat and light rain.

You can store it at your facility for up to a year. You can keep it on your trucks.

This makes cold asphalt the ideal solution for road maintenance and also for bigger jobs such as construction of access ways, ramps and tranches.

This is an environmentally friendly product. It is 100% solvent free, with no release of green house gases during production, application and curing.

Cold asphalt repair is guaranteed permanent. As soon as initial compaction is complete, the cold asphalt repair is ready to open up to traffic.

Cold asphalt can be applied directly into a water-filled pothole or other asphalt repair on a cold or rainy day.

Is available in 25 kg drums made of recycled plastic

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